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2023-24 PROJECTS


Food for Displaced Children

 We are currently focused on personally delivering life-sustaining food for 350 displaced children and their families who live in a school in Nebelet.


In August Timothy Project GiG disbursed 10 quintiles of i life sustaining food for IDPs in Nebelet.

$1000/month is needed to support our adopted IDP community with 350 people.

Tigrinya Bible Distribution

Timothy Project has partnered with Tyndale House Foundation and several other Christian organizations to print and distribute roughly 100,000 Tigrinya Bibles to date since the new Tigrinya language version of the Bible was sanctioned by the patriarch of the orthodox church.  Hundreds of orthodox priests have been trained in how to rightly divide the Word of Truth, resulting in many professing salvation in Christ for the first time. Since the outbreak of the horrific civil war in November 2020, tens of thousands of displaced children and families are living in refugee camps and large numbers have been unjustly imprisoned because of their ethnic identity.  Timothy Project GiG seeks to personally deliver 2,000 Tigrinya Bibles for spiritually thirsty and hurting people.

Each Bible costs roughtly $5.70.

Children's Daily Devotional Book

The spiritual needs of children are of great importance, and yet may be overlooked.  Advisory council members Alice Ruhiu and Yohannes Louisgued have sought to fill a gap by producing a chidlren's daily devotional book in Amharic.  

Each devotional book costs roughly $5.00

“Not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound to your account.” (Phi 4:17)

Grateful for your partnership in the work of God's Kingdom 
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