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Kalamino Special High School celebrated their 25th Anniversary in December, 2023.  Established by the Tigray Development Association, KSHS is the premier STEM school in Tigray bringing 700 of the most talented STEM students from all over Tigray to a residential campus just outside of Mekelle, the regional capital.  In August 2023, we gave Kalamino 12 laptops and a $5000 grant to help launch a distance learning classroom. (The school's infrastructure was badly damaged during the war.) Visiting faculty are much needed and welcome.  We are also helping to connect education/youth organizations such as Gateway and Young Life to this special school.


In December 2023 we established the Araya Zerihun Awards to provide 4 KSHS students with cash prizes to support their college education.  The 4 finalists are nominated by peers and faculty/staff, and the winner is selected by an essay which conveys the students' heart desire for Tigray.   

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