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Meet the Timothy Project GiG Team


Tesfai Abay

Board Member

President. Abay Cleaning Services and leader of the Tigray community in Chicago, IL.


Tesfu Beraki

Advisory Council

Vice President of

Maezer Semay, a 24/7 gospel satellite TV ministry in Dallas, TX.

Pastor Temeghen.jpg

Temesghen G'hiwot

Advisory Council

Pastor and leader of the

Kale Hiwot Church in Tigray, Ethiopia.


Teame Haddis

Advisory Council

Retired engineer and missionary leader with the Global Allance of Tegaru Evangelical Christians in the California Bay Area.


Alice Ruhiu

Advisory Council

Production Consultant

United Bible Societies Africa Publishing Unit, Nairobi Kenya


Emmanuel Tahear

Board Member

SIM Cross-Cultural Missionary and pastoral staff of College Church, Wheaton, IL


Saba Tewolde

Advisory Council

Ethiopian chef, elderly caregiver, and Tigray ministry leader, Santa Barbara CA

'God is Good' was  a favorite greeting of  Timothy Project's founder Don Church

as you can read below (based on  "Tracking Those Little Seeds Sown Forty Years Ago" by Scott Armstrong, Ph.D. )

A single shot of the gun sent a dozen men running that hot June day in Bouake, Ivory Coast, in 1972.

A large group of onlookers, sensing the urgency, yelled, pointing, as if the men needed coaxing to keep moving.

The military? Police? Would-be robbers? No, it was the shot signaling the start of the 10,000 meter race in

Bouake's Municipal Stadium.

   The event was a track meet featuring Ivorian Olympic hopefuls and equally talented U.S. collegians. But this collegiate team was different. Organized by Wheaton College Coach, Don (Bubba) Church, the primary objective of the trip was to share the love of Jesus Christ with athletes and coaches in the countries we visited. Coach Church recruited athletes from all across the country...Wheaton College, Taylor University, Biola University, Westmont College... but there were also athletes from Stanford University, UCLA, and the University of Maryland. 

   Coach Church led these trips with the understanding that we "plant the seed," and the "reaping of souls" comes in God's time. One of those tiny seeds came during our stay in Kampala, Uganda. Each morning, the same cab driver picked up the coaches and transported them to the stadium. And each day, as "Bubba" Church entered the cab, he said to the driver, "God is good!" The driver was seemingly unimpressed.

   Fast forward to the late 1980s, to Huntington, Indiana. Joe Harding, served as the athletic trainer before becoming Huntington College's Men's Soccer Coach. One year, Joe met an incoming international student, who had just arrived on campus for his freshman year. The young man was from Uganda. Conjuring sweet memories of his trip in 1972, Joe eagerly asked the young man how he became a Christian and ended up at Huntington College. The young Ugandan said that he was raised in a Christian home, and his father had introduced him to Jesus. His father had become a Christian in 1972, when his family lived in Kampala. His father drove a cab. His father had transported a track coach from Wheaton College, named Don Church, to the city's stadium. Each day Coach greeted his father with the simple statement, "God is good." That expression of happiness and satisfaction in the Lord led to his father's conversion, and ultimately to that of his entire family.     

   Missionaries of the Gospel are some of the most patient persons on this earth. How many have toiled years and years with few converts to show for it? So where is that proof--how do we know our efforts will mean anything? That's easy. The answer is in a very simple statement of testimony: "God is good!"

Don Church.jfif

Donald A. Church   



Paul Isihara

Board Member

Professor of mathematics at Wheaton College (IL) serving as Timothy Project Board Chair since 2007.


Yohannes Loulsegued

Advisory Council

International Trade specialist, youth and young adult ministry leader in Los Angeles, CA


Paul Newman

Board Member

CNC Professional,  

singles pastor, and business chaplain, Chicago IL


B. Elliott Renfroe

Board Member

Chaplain Westminster Village in Bloomington IL and Board member of Greenville College.

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