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Life has been horrific for many thousands of displaced children and families in Tigray.  When people in dire need pray, God responds, and we help deliver the resources He provides through His people, and the eternal hope of the gospel of our LORD Jesus Christ.  Thank you for your support!

2 Ways to Donate:

1) SEND A CHECK Please send your tax-deductible contribution addressed to:

​​                              Timothy Project GIG 
                              P.O. Box 480, Wheaton IL 60187

Unless specified, 95% of all donations by check goes where needed most.


Please contact us using the comment form at the bottom of the page if you would like your donation to be used for one of the following projects: 

Displaced Children/Families  Bibles   Emergency School Supplies  Saba's Ministry  Children's Devotional Books

2) GIVE ONLINE Complete and submit the form below. 

Unless specified, online donations will be used where needed most.

Please consider adding 3% to an online donation to cover additional credit card fees.

Our fiscal agent Faith and Learning International is ECFA accredited.


Specify your donation.

Thanks for submitting!

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