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Thanks be to God for Blessing Steps of Faith in 2023!

2024 Major Initatives

Your partnership can bring peace, the Bible, food, clothing and happiness to children and displaced families in dire need. 


Timothy Project has a long history  of involvement with the Hope Center. Two of our board members in training lived in the Hope center when it was an orphange.  Damaged during the horrific 2 year civil war, the Hope Center is now being rehabbed for use as a residential trauma/drug rehabilitation healing center. An estimated $50,000 is needed to rehab he center. In April 2024, we received a $10,000 grant for rehab of the Hope Center.  Please contact Pastor Paul (630)209-5637 for more info


Center of

In April 2023, we received a $23,300 grant for Emergency School Kits. We used this grant to deliver 100 blackboards, 6000 pencils and notebooks to the Embasneyti school district with 6000 children. The Mayor of Nebelet was moved to make land available to our Board member Tesfai for a new community center to meet the needs of people of all ages traumatized by the war. The center will also focus on the needs of youth, an alarming number of  whom are struggling with addictions. A beautiful campus has been designed and fund-raising is well underway. Please contact Tesfai (630)698-5611 for more info


Distribution &Disciple


In partnership with Pastor Temesgen, we plan to continue distributing hundreds of new Tigrinya language Bibles to individuals, small groups, and churches and hold disciple making ministry trainings. Please contact Dr. Paul (630) 885-8627 for more info

Saba's Mission

In 2023, Advisory Council Saba Tewolde responded to God's call, left everything, and spent half a year in Tigray to do His will in a wide range of ministries.   Saba has many exciting initiatives planned with her partners on the ground in Tigray. Please contact Saba  (805) 705-2216 for more info.


Life Support
for IDPs

In August 2023, God led us to a community of  internally displaced people (IDP) living in a school in Nebelet built by a friend of our Board member Tesfai Abay. Since then we have been providing flour/corn for their subsistence ($1000/month) and hope with God's help  to expand our support for their holistic needs until they are able to  return to their homes in western Tigray. Pray for peace to be restored in Western Tigray! Please contact Dr. Paul (630)885-8627 for more info

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